The Best Maintenance And Repair For Your Engine

A complete range of preventative maintenance tasks and effective and prompt repairs at the best prices in Dubai.

If it’s about the repair, maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle’s engine, we are your go-to auto garage in Dubai. Our range of engine repair and maintenance services include everything from full computer diagnostics and analysis, to all kinds of repairs and parts replacement.

One-Stop Engine Repair And Maintenance

We have expert mechanics and technicians who can identify the exact nature of the problem, and then offer the most viable solutions, be it a new part required or be it a minor adjustment, or anything else. With years of experience in dealing with engines of cars of various brands, models and makes, we can take care of a whole range of engine problems. The key highlights of our engine repair and maintenance services include:


●     Engine Performance Checks

●     Complete Engine Diagnostics, Repair And Maintenance

●     Fuel System And Spark Plug Cleaning, Inspection and Parts Replacement

●     Belt and Hose Replacement

Fast and Affordable

Be it engine repair or a specific engine parts replacement, we can do it fast and we can do it effectively. Get in touch with us now!

Get Your Car A/C System Up And Running


We offer a wide range of A/C servicing and repair services to make sure that your car’s air conditioning system is up and running in no time. We are a preferred car repair shop in Dubai when it comes to a range of A/C service, repair and maintenance which includes:


  •     AC performance check
  •     Leakage inspection
  •     Gas refill
  •     A/C accessories repair
  •     Belt Repair and Replacement
  •     Heating system inspection
  •     Evaporator repair and replacement


For the most affordable, effective and quick A/C repair and maintenance services, visit our car repair shop in Dubai or simply give us a call right away!

Key Takeaways Of Our A/C Services (Section)

When it comes to A/C maintenance and repair,, we are the go-to car mechanics in Dubai for a lot of people. People trust us with their vehicle’s air conditioning systems for the quality, versatility and affordability we offer along with a range of other perks. Here’s what you get from us at Kaiman Auto Repairing.


  •     We offer tailored and specialized services that are appropriate and optimized for your needs.
  •     100% environmentally friendly chemicals.
  •     Trustworthy, reliable and timely services at the most competitive prices in the market.
  •     We offer end to end car AC repair and maintenance services.
  •     We provide all kinds of car equipment and solutions.
  •     The best recommendations and advice from experienced and highly skilled car mechanics in Dubai.


Enhanced Cooling

Get fresh, clean and cool air that you expect from a properly functional A/C system in your vehicle.


All Kinds of A/C Repair and  Servicing

We take care of all kinds of air conditioning issues including AC high & low-pressure issues, hose leak, Evaporator leakage, Faulty Compressor, Faulty Condenser and a lot more.